Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Hello again, 
Sorry it has been awhile, but a lot has been going on. I 've been wanting to write in my Blog so many times but something always seems to come up. 
I promised to keep everyone up to speed about my Cancer and I always keep my promises. About a month ago I had some radiation on my hip, since my Cancer unfotunately metastasized to my pelvic bone and spot on my femur and the pain in my hip was unbelievable! SO I caved and opted for the radiation. I also had a CT Scan, which was long over do and I got the results yesterday. I wasn't surprised that it got worse in those spots in the bone, but what came as a complete surprise was my Doc said that there were some very very small nodules on my lungs :-(..Yeah you read correctly ON MY LUNG!!

OMG the sky is falling or it might as well have been .

Here comes the tears, but I had to fight and stay strong for my daughter;s sake who was right beside me.

My Oncologist didn't seem as bummed out as I was at all. He actually said that he was happy in the sense that it was found really early and with treatment I will be good as new...well almost as good as new lol
 Thank God for small favors. I knew all along that the treatment they had me on wasn't working because my pain in my problem areas in the bone were getting worse and not better. To think , I lost my hair , well it thinned out so much that I started wearing a wig , my white and red cells kept dropping so low after each treatment that there were many times the Chemo was cancelled! So my treatments were far from consistent, and not to mention last but not least , the pain in my bones was above and beyond! There were moments where I shook the pain got so bad!

I called my Mom in New York and my best friends and God parents to my daughter and of course my boyfriend to tell him the news, and they are such a great support for me and my little girl. So much so my best friends asked if I wanted them to come and pick me and Chloe Megan up and bring us back to their place. I used to live there years ago when I was first diagnosed and Chloe Megan was only a babe in diapers. They have a beautiful pool that Chloe loves!\

Since I already started with supper and everything and it was after 8:30 pm I thought that going today (Wednesday) early in the day would be better. This was we have the entire day to enjoy the sun and pool.

So now I wait for my Doc or Pivot Nurse Andrea to call and tell me when I am to start the new Chemo which is called Taxol. It is supposed to be very good. From what my Doc said he is thinking that it would be better to give me the chemo in small doses every day , I am still not sure for how many weeks tho, as opposed to giving me a very strong dose once or twice a week for several weeks. My best friend Tine is off work these days and offered to watch over Chloe Megan for me while I go for treatments. It will be so much easier for me and a lot more fun for Chloe Megan instead of having to come along with me EVERY DAY for God knows how many weeks. This way can have peace of mind knowing that while I am taking care of myself and getting my treatments, she will be having lots of fun with Melanie and Nicholas swimming and playing :-)

I will kick this Cancer's Ass if it is the last thing that I do! I've manged to survive it for over 8 yrs now and I intend to beat it for good! As my late Grandfather used to say," Enough is Enough!" LOL

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