Saturday, December 21, 2013

Baking our Passion and The Easy Bake Oven

Have I ever mentioned how much I love to bake!

Well I do. And what I love even more, is baking with my little girl, my daughter Chloe Megan. Her Grandma sent  her a wonderful gift last week from Springwater Ny. Something she has wanted oh since ,,forever! An Easy Bake Oven. The look on Chloe's face when I pulled it out of the enormous box amongst the many other gifts my Mom her Grandma sent was priceless. Since opening that gift  with a little guidance from me, she has baked Chocolate Chip cookies, Red Velvet Cake, Brownies. Pizza. Pretzels and the list is endless for all the other goodies she wants to make on her own. Don't get me wrong this new gift does not mean that she won't be helping me anymore when I bake lol, I would hate that since baking with her is such a joy for me. Watching her apply all the little tips &tricks I have learned over the years  is such a joy and lifts my spirits even on the gloomiest of days. Actually to be honest , those gloomy days are far and few since she was born. And even when we have gloomy days because of the weather mostly  befalls us, baking and cooking is and has always been my (our) way to brighten up the day, consequently our mood. It's the best therapy! 
I plan to go to Walmart with Chloe today and get some accessories that is not sold with the actual oven, but I am also going to make batches of various homemade cookie dough and cake batters for her to have a selection and you get a lot more than in those small pre made cookie and cake mixes that are sold exclusively for the Easy Bake oven.Even the regular cake mixes from Duncan Hines or Betty Crocker will be more economical and she will get a lot more out of them. Lots more means lots more fun baking! As for today few short days before Christmas, I am going to be in the kitchen making batches of puff pastry and pie crust dough and keep in the freezer till I need them, so all have to do do is take them out of the freezer right when I need them and make some luscious puff pastry treats for some savory and sweet delights and various pies for desserts for Christmas Eve and for Christmas Day. Chloe of course will be helping me and of course she has some treats of her own she plans to make and bake with her Easy Bake Oven. Whatever it is it is sure to impress even the pickiest of pallets lol. 

Pictures soom to come. :-)
Merry Christmas Everyone, and a Happy New Year ☺☺♥♥♥

Nothing like a Mother's Love 

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Oops there's more LOL

This is me and Chloe Megan on New Years Eve,,I will be posting so much more soon, there is so much that has been going on, and pictures to show you all, I just haven't had a moment to go thru them all yet,,But patience I will. As you can see we had a ball!! And  I had a lot of Amaretto di Sorono lol
Here is a short but sweet video of Chloe Megan blowing out her candles

Chloe Megans Birthday Cake

Here is my precious angels Birthday Cake

Thursday, January 31, 2013

I'm in love with Crumb Boss T.V

I am addicted to Crumb Boss T.V on You Tube.

I swear I must spend at least  2 hrs of my day watching and re watching Gretchen Price who is the Crumb Boss and owner of the Woodland Bakery in Chatham N.J. Her and Steph who is the producer are hilarious together. I have laughed myself to tears listening and watching them together . They really add a whole new perspective to baking,
To those of you who knew me years ago, I used to have a home based catering business before the Cancer, and even tho I made everything you can imagine my passion is and has always been baking, 

I am doing amazing and I continue to beat Cancer's Ass and even tho I never stopped cooking and baking , I wasn't cooking and or baking any where near as much or creating new recipes like I used to. Ahh such is life,. But I did bake  a lot for friends and of course my precious little girl Chloe Megan who by the way is turning 7 on Sunday February 3rd . Many great and fond memories were created baking with her in the kitchen and watching her adorable little face light up when the cakes, cookies  we made came out of the oven, and she would yell out for all to hear, " I made that with my Mommy" .

One thing that hasn't changed for Chloe is licking the beaters and bowl LOL..hey even I still do that! It's the best !..
This birthday I will be baking her birthday cake. It is going to be  a theme cake fashioned after one of her all time favorite Disney movies, "The Princess and the Frog". For those of you in my age group if you remember the Princess when we were kids was white, but now the Princess whose name is Tiana, is African American and the story takes place in New Orleans. This is going to be a lot of fun to make for me because the last cake, or theme cake rather that I made was for my friends daughters birthday, and it was also a Princess Doll cake,.the doll was Ariel from the little Mermaid who is Also Chloe's favorite too and I thought for sure that she would want it for herself this year. I t was a beautiful; cake and I wish that I had taken pictures of the finished cake. I designed the mermaid dress on the doll using green and blue roll-ups! and WOW it was awesome !! I used blue food coloring on the white buttercream under her to make the waves..and jelly candy that I rolled flat and dipped in sugar and made cut outs of the starfish and other sea creatures. It was something to see and made a little girls birthday that much more special. So this year Chloe;s cake has to be out of this world!

I went out a few months ago and bought her a collection of Princess Dolls and one of them of course the the African American Princess Tiana, so I already have the doll.Chloe Megan's favorite flavor for the cake is chocolate. So I plan to make a 2-3 Tier cake and the top of the cake will be another cake but it is going to be the doll part with Princess Tiana standing on the top, her gown of course is another cake. 

The entire cake will be made using my idol and inspiration the Crumb Boss's recipes. So i'm using her recipes and my artistic flair motivated purely from my love for my little angel.
MY intention is to make a video of the process, and if I that can't happen I will definitely post a picture of the finished cake here in my blog, in YouTube in My Channel and of course in FaceBook on the Crumb Boss page for her all of her loyal followers and fans to see what she has inspired . 
She truly has been a positive inspiration to get me out of the cob webs and back in the kitchen doing what I love to do, creating yummy and beautiful pastries and cakes for my loved ones to enjoy!

Who knows maybe I will start a home business again!
♥♥ Crumb Boss !!!!

Here is the Crumb Boss 's website where you will find all the delicious recipes you see her do in Crumb Boss t.v in You Tube