Monday, December 5, 2011

My new Chemo in a Pill.


Well this morning I went to the hospital and picked up Xeloda.  Xeloda is a new form of Chemo, it comes in pill form,.

My body starting getting used to the other Chemo I was on, called Navalbine, and it was administered intravenously.  Other than just feeling a little tired , I never ever had any problems or nasty side effects.

I was told that I might experience some abdominal pain, nausea and vomiting, mouth sores and flushing and burning sensation of the hands and  or extremities. UGH ! I don’t want to feel sick or nauseous, or have any of that!.But I will take them like a good and responsible little Cancer Patient hehe.

I fought this long and have been successful at keeping the Cancer in check and I will continue to fight and kick this Cancer’s Ass! LOL.

I have too much to live for to give up now, and I have a lot of people counting on me to not give up.

But the most important person to keep fighting for is of course my precious daughter Chloe Megan. She has been my inspiration and my reason for being,

The smile on her face that I am blessed to see every day is worth fighting anything and anyone to keep on seeing,

I will  do my best to keep everyone posted as to how I am doing and feeling,

I am starting after supper tonight. I was given instruction to take 3 pills twice daily for 2 weeks and then on the 3rd week I don’t take any, it’s my week off, and I see my Oncologist once in a month.  So now I won’t have to go back and forth to the hospital anymore. Being able to have Chemo in the comfort of my home is definitely a bonus, because I honestly was getting fed up of traveling back and forth, back and forth.

Today has been dark and gloomy with scattered showers, but that is ok. Chloe Megan is my sunshine in a small package LOL..and we are doing all kinds of fun stuff,,,reading ,drawing, painting and coloring pictures etc..We have all kinds of fun arts & craft projects to keep us entertained and happy.

As long as we are together we always have a lot of fun!

Well everyone in Blog land, there will be lots more to come . Going to soak in a hot tub infused with Lavender essential oils and candlelight..Mmmmm I am so looking forward to this!..this will do wonders for my mind and my body right now…

110211200201Here we are me and mini me LOL

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