Tuesday, November 16, 2010

My Mom

     My Mom isn't like any other Mom,

She didn't give birth to me, but she has been more of a Mom to me than my biological mother.
In my saddest of time she has given me enormous comfort. In my happiest moments she shares my joy.
In spite of the fact that she is far away ,I feel closer to her than my cat who's sitting on my lap.
She is also one of my best friends.There is nothing that I can't tell her, there is nothing that I can hide either because she has come to know me better than I at times even know myself.

I am far from being perfect and though I wish I could have been there as many times as she has been there for me ,because of illness or simply due to my shortcomings she forgives me completely. For that I am grateful.
Chloe my daughter has met her biological grandmother only once maybe twice in her entire 4 years of life and yet she had never called her "Grandma"
That title she gives only to my Mom. She speaks on the phone to her and tells her little tales of things that she has  done or is about to do, and when she ends her conversation, always ends it with , "I love you Grandma"
Very soon my daughter will meet her Grandma and will be able to finally give her the hug that I know she has been waiting for.

I love you Mom
I love you Grandma

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